About Jayuskole

Jayuskole’s motto is a safe laboratory for rest and transition. Our mission is to help people to find and walk towards their own reasons for living. (Reason for being / Raison d'être).

Our first principle is dialogue with living words. No matter what space we use, we create a common room in order to foster an environment where people can talk comfortably with one another.

Our second principle is horizontal relationships. People who run Jayusokle are called facilitators, not such titles like instructors or teachers. No matter what field of expertise we may have, we are committed to remember that we are here to support others’ growth.

Our third principle is community. We also sing together in the morning, ask each other how we are, and take care of ourselves to build community.

Lastly, we did not forget to include hygge throughout the program. 

There are three chairs in Jayuskole.

1. The solitary chair : For self-questioning, self-awareness

2. The facing chair : For living dialog and relationships

3. The round table : For respect for difference, the power of transformation, and diversity.


Morning assembly : We also sing together in the morning, ask each other how we are, and take care of ourselves for building community.

LETS : A time for everyone to share their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with the belief that we all have something to share with each other.

Conversation dinner : It's a time to have a dialogue with each other in living worlds, and to shine a light on each other.

Common room :  Place, we create a common room in order to foster an environment where people can talk comfortably with one another.

Mindfulness & Forest Walks : A program to become aware of your senses, mind, and thoughts. 

Elective classes : participants can choose to participate in from a selection of Elective classes

Sing along : Time to sing a song together

Democracy fitness : Democracy Fitness Training is an active training concept that tagets a specific “democracy muscle”. 

Human library : 'Everybody's Book' shines a light on your life history and affirms a piece of you

Group trip : A group trip to places and spaces you want to visit in Ganghwa

Year-end life reconciliation : It's December 31, a time to wrap up this year, to look back, and to settle things that need to be organized.

Make things happen for yourself : With the theme of new transitions, we'll discuss what we want to do in our next year with support and encouragement.

Social dining and party : Our own party to end the year, complete with white elephants exchange game, social dancing, and campfires.


Jayuskole is run by a group of people with different gender and age and professional backgrounds.

“In search of happiness in Denmark, I stayed at two Danish folk high schools, IPC and Krogerup, for a year. It was a place where I felt free, where I was not alone but together, where I could explore myself. I desperately dreamed of creating a space like this in Korea where I could feel authentic life, and eventually opened Jayuskole. I want to find happiness here and now with you. - Minyoung

“I left my teaching job in 2016 to live as a student at IPC, one of the Danish folk life schools, for 9 months because I believe that life cannot be measured by test scores and grades. I want to find happiness in a life that communicates and connects, not a life that competes and alienates. I am interested in sustainable living, living in harmony with all species and individuals on the planet.” - Haegyeon

“I attended Krogerup folk high school in 2016 while thinking about a life transition. And in December 2017, I started the Jayuskole program - a safe laboratory for rest and transition. Both the folk high  school experience in Denmark and the Jayuskole experience provided me with a rest and a transition. I hope more people will join this experiment.” - Seokwon

“I want to live a 'Education that nurtures human potential’ and a 'A life of continuous learning'. I became interested in education when I was thinking about how to nurture human potential, and I spent 10 years working in alternative education, youth education, and global citizenship education. I discovered the 'social pedagogy' of innovative and community-minded educators, and I wanted to live that way too. I left my three children with my wife and went to the Danish folk life school IPC and spent the rest of my life with Jayuskole.”  - Seongjong

“I started my career in the media industry because I wanted to help make Korea a better place to live, but I felt stuck, so in 2015, I traveled to Denmark, the happiest country in the world, for a year to explore the secrets of happiness. While struggling to build a media startup to bring the secrets of Danish happiness to Korea, he met Jayuskole. As a reporter, I met the team as they were preparing for the first edition in 2017 and fell in love with how they poured their hearts out. I came as a participant for the second edition, and as they prepared for the third edition, I joined as a facilitator. I believe that the Danish Happiness Lifestyle can contribute to making Korean society happier, and I strive to study, practice, and live the folk high school philosophy at its roots.” - Sanguk


We do not currently have a space that can be operated on a permanent basis. We find a suitable space whenever we need to run a program. For our regular programs, we use the Ggumtle efterskole in Ganghwa island, Korea’s first efterskole.


December 2017, The 1st Jayuskole (26.12 ~ 6.1) @ Ggumtle efterskole)

December, 2018, The 2nd Jayuskole (25.12 ~ 1.1 @ Ggumtle efterskole)

2018, 2019 Jayuskole program at Seoul 50 Plus Jungbu Campus

March 2019, Jayuskole program Youth Program

May 2019, Jayuskole program LETS  Program 

Oct. 2019, Joint Korean-Japanese project ‘Time to Talk

December 2018, The 3rd Jayuskole (25.12 ~ 4.1 @ Ggumtle efterskole)

2021~2022 Chuncheon Civic skole with Chuncheon City

December, 2024 The 4th Jayuskole (28.12. ~ 1.1 @ Ggumtle efterskole)

April 2023 The1st one month program at Danish folk high school (10.4.~10.5 Bosei folk high school)

June  2023 The 5th Jayuskole (16.6 ~ 18.64 @ UOS Gangchon youth hostel)

August 2023 The 2nd one month program at Danish folk high school (20.8.~20.9 Bosei folk high school)

December, 2024 The 6th Jayuskole (26.12. ~ 1.1 @ Ggumtle efterskole)

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